What's a PUD?

A PUD is short for a Planned Urban Development zoning district. This PUD should be rejected because the Phoenix Country Club has failed to make the case on why and what it is offering through the PUD provides value to the city that is not obtainable in other zoning districts. At § 671 the Phoenix Zoning Ordinance provides:

    The Planned Unit Development (PUD) is intended to create a built environment that is superior to that produced by conventional zoning districts and design guidelines. Using a collaborative and comprehensive approach, an applicant authors and proposes standards and guidelines that are tailored to the context of a site on a case by case basis.
    1. Uses. Appropriate limitations will be placed on the character and intensity of permitted uses to promote neighborhood compatibility.

(emphasis added). If the property cannot be developed within the rezoning the Phenix Country Club just obtained, its PUD application should clearly explain the factors and issues. It does not!


Nothing in the PUD is good for the neighborhoods, it proposes a TOWER where it does not belong, it reduces the required OPEN SPACE, it puts a PARKING PODIUM on the corner, and it creates a PARKING PROBLEM for the Phoenix Country Club's special events and maybe even on ordinary days.

Last year the City Council directed the PUD to have an architecture committee, but the PUD does not require one. The Phoenix Country Club has one for this project, but almost all the people on it thought even H-R zoning was good, and the committee has no actual power over the PUD anyway.

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