This is High Rise zoning outside of the areas with the investment of billions of dollars of public money in infrastructure, private development should be encouraged closer to the infrastructure so we all benefit from the private and public investments in our city's future.

High Rise zoning is invasive and should be limited to the more urban areas where it transitions to single family neighborhoods with mid-rise and low-rise buildings.

High Rise zoning among three residential neighborhoods is ridiculous.

The Phoenix City code provides:

    631 High-Rise H-R District-High-Rise and High Density District.
    The High-Rise H-R is intended to be a special district to allow greater building height and density within those few areas of the City that, by their strategic location and intense land use, generate exceptional amounts of activity of a commercial nature. Within these areas of greatly intensified activity the H-R districts may be combined with the R-4, R-4A, R-5, C-O, C-1, C-2, C-3, A-1, A-2, P-1 or P-2 districts and shall control in those requirements which it sets forth.

The Developer claims that the project will revitalize the corner of 7th Street and Thomas (that PCC has long neglected), however, its project proposes to turn its back to the corner, providing only blank concrete walls containing a parking structure to Thomas, the corner, and 7th Street. The project will not revitalize the corner any more than the club could do right now by planting a few trees.

The Project will offer amenities, open space and a park deck, to its residents, elevated on the top of the parking structure, while those on the sidewalk and street will be presented with high concrete walls enclosing an imposing parking structure towering above grade.

The Developer claims that its project is "walkable" because of nearby bus lines, light rail a half mile away, and potential trolley lines on 3rd Street, but a walkable development does not have more parking than recommended by the city and does not make all pedestrian trips hundreds of feet longer by having its entrance on the opposite side of each mass transit opportunities that it touts.

The zoning precedent that this High Rise project relies on is from the 1960s before we had the city planning and public investment in infrastructure that we have made in the last 50 years. The proposal violates numerous guidelines of the Phoenix General Plan.

This Developer claims golf courses are in trouble and that this project will help the Phoenix Country Club keep its golf course, but there is no restriction on future development of portions of or all of the golf course, we have no enforceable power to require that golf course will remain open space if this High Rise zoning is approved. We are offered an empty promise that 105 acres of green space will continue to exist.

The City Planning Staff Wrote:

CONNECT PEOPLE & PLACES CORE VALUE; TRANSIT ORIENTED DEVELOPMENT; LAND USE PRINICIPLE: Continue the development of Central Avenue as the city’s transit spine and the principal street of Phoenix, concentrating the maximum intensity of commercial office and retail uses downtown.

The request does not comply with this land use principle. The site is not on Central Avenue.

CONNECT PEOPLE & PLACES CORE VALUE; TRANSIT ORIENTED DEVELOPMENT; LAND USE PRINCIPLE: Develop land use and design regulations governing land close to transit centers and light rail stations, to maximize the potential for ridership. The request does not comply with this land use principle.

The site is not within the Midtown TOD District, is over one-half mile from a light rail station, and although there is bus transit on both 7th Street and on Thomas Road, the proposed design will not maximize the potential for transit ridership.

CONNECT PEOPLE & PLACES CORE VALUE; OPPORTUNITY SITES; LAND USE PRINICIPLE: Support reasonable levels of increased intensity, respectful of local conditions and surrounding neighborhoods.

The R-5 H-R zoning district is not a reasonable level of increased intensity in this location; however, the R-5 zoning district provides a reasonable level of increased intensity for a subject site that is along two major thoroughfares and adjacent to a future Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) route.

CELEBRATE OUR DIVERSE COMMUNITIES AND NEIGHBORHOODS CORE VALUE; CERTAINTY AND CHARACTER; LAND USE PRINCIPLE: Protect residential areas from concentrations of incompatible land uses that couldchange their character or destabilize land values.

The request does not comply with this land use principle. The request for this zoning at this location ignores policies which are designed to protect residential areas from incompatible land uses.

CELEBRATE OUR DIVERSE COMMUNITIES AND NEIGHBORHOODS CORE VALUE; DIVERSE NEIGHBORHOODS; LAND USE PRINCIPLE: Include a mix of housing types and densities where appropriate within each village that support a broad range of lifestyles.

The subject site is appropriate for a mix of housing, such as multifamily residential development to support a range of lifestyles. The high-rise entitlement and density is not appropriate, but the R-5 zoning district is more appropriate as it is less intense, while still promoting a mix of housing types.

CELEBRATE OUR DIVERSE COMMUNITIES AND NEIGHBORHOODS CORE VALUE; CERTAINTY AND CHARACTER; LAND USE PRINCIPLE: New development and expansion or redevelopment of existing development in or near residential areas should be compatible with existing uses and consistent with adopted plans.

The location of the proposed high-rise development is outside of the Midtown TOD District and the Central Avenue Corridor. The request for a high-rise entitlement on this site in no way furthers the certainty and character of the surrounding area.


The Crystal Point development is not a valid basis for a precedent in support of approval of this request. In the intervening decades, planning policies have evolved to reflect sound planning principles for context-sensitive development, as well as the need for a development form which allows government to provide services in a much more cost-efficient manner.

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